Friday, August 8, 2014

No apologies. Write. Every. Single. Day.

I promise that I have stories about the kids. I just haven't posted them. Haven't found the time, or the desire, for some reason. I love writing but it has gotten away from me. For heaven sakes, it's a blog about my KIDS - where are the stories about the KIDS?

Recently I attended a book reading here in Lawrence with some friends. The author, Jenn Mann, is the author of the popular blog,, as well as the author of two popular books, I Just Want to Pee Alone and I Just Want to Be Alone

I was intrigued by her life - her stories - her blog - and her uncanny ability to write, even when she may have nothing to say. 

You see, I love writing. But what the hell? Have I had nothing to say lately or what? Some major writer's block, perhaps? So I asked her "How do you keep your blog going even when you don't want to write?" "How do find the motivation to find a story in everything?"

I mean, seriously, how DOES she do it?

Her answer was simple. 

"Just like you find the time to workout, you must find the time to write. Every. Single. Day. Even when you don't want to. Even when you think you have nothing to share. Just write. Don't necessarily publish. But write. Something. It will come to you."

So here I am. And here is where I will start. No apologies for no recent posts. No explanations. Just stories about my four kiddos. Because that's what this blog was designed to do - share their stories with you. From the funny to the sad, I want to capture these moments. I don't scrapbook. Who has the time? This is my scrapbook. I better get back to work.

After all, they are only young once. So, in no particular order:

Abby begins high school next week. Holy crap. High school. That's about all Im going to say on that one. We'll just let that one settle in a little bit. Holy crap. HIGH SCHOOL.

Connor's first week of Premier soccer was this week. Am I the only parent who thinks that three-hour practices four days a week is a bit much for an 8-year old? It won't be this way all year, but seriously? I understand that it's a higher level of playing, but wow. That's a lot of soccer. Here's hoping he loves it as much as he has in the past.

Libby's schedule changes a lot this fall - she will be in school five afternoons a week. I'm trying to evolve my business, which means she {may} go to a friend's house one morning a week so I can get some things done. I'm not sure how she will handle this {Im thinking back, with dread, to the end of the school year last year when she cried every day that I dropped her off. Can we say MOMMY-ATTACHMENT?} I hope that is a thing of the past, because she also is going to be enrolled in Parks and Rec gymnastics and dance classes three mornings a week because I begin teaching more fitness classes this fall. You know, why not? Right? So I hope she's over that ridiculous moodiness that reared its UGLY head last year. Truth be told, this momma doesnt have the patience to deal with that again. {And I cannot tell a lie. I love her dearly, but DO wish she was beginning all day kindergarten this year. Darn September birthday}.

And then there's Keely. Because I'm such a good mom, I let her have some friends spend the night last night for her birthday {even though her birthday was in June. But hey, who keeps track?} Their activity of choice was shopping and dinner downtown, followed by a sleepover.

I don't like sleepovers, I really don't. Not sure why. The girls were very polite. It has nothing to do with them. I just would prefer to not have more kids than mine here in the mornings. Isn't FOUR enough? {Now is probably not a good time to mention that I have baby fever, is it?}

The fact that I heard giggling and screams all night may also have something to do with this. But Owell. My mommy-birthday duty is done for another year. 

I should go. Im having mommy guilt because Libby is watching TV - STILL - as I type this. And getting off online is easier than listening to incessant talk about Scooby Doo. Kill me now. 

Summer has come to an end. Im not quite ready for the chaos of school, coupled with soccer x 2, choir, volleyball, student council, school dances, HIGH SCHOOL, a potential new driver in the family and just running ragged. But it's looming. It's coming. 

I better stock my liquor cabinet. ;)

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