Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not so little anymore...

Today I took Libby and Connor to the library. We have a great new library in town and I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time here once the kids are in school. Next to the gym, one of my favorite places to be is the library. I could spend hours here.

So naturally, I want to bring the kids. The kids' area is amazing, but it leaves me a little sad each time we come. You see, in my mind, Libby and Connor are no bigger than they were a few years ago. But the funny thing is, they now tower over the other "little" kids playing in the same area.

Truth is, Libby is not 2 and Connor is not 4.

The children's room is a playful area, populated by young moms with very young kids. Baby carriers, strollers-galore, sippy cups and bottles. Diapers and wipes and tantrums and baby giggles surround me and I feel right at home. And then I take a look at my (almost) five year old and my (almost) nine year old. Both opting for computer time over puppet shows. Neither interested in story time, but both opting for Wii and movie rentals instead.

I'm not so concerned about the lack of desire to - GASP - check out a book...yet. No, I'm more focused on the fact that in a few short years, this children's room will become obsolete...a thing of my past and their past, and that makes me just a little bit sad.

So for today, I will capture a few images of a very brief cuddle moment. I will relish in the fact that for a little while longer, I DO belong among the baby toys, the baby Lego blocks, the toy trains and the reading cubbies. 

And I'll say a prayer or two that with their growth out of the children's room comes a love of reading as well.

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