Monday, June 9, 2014

20 minutes of swimming lesson hell

Ahh, swimming lessons.
Gotta love the swimming lessons.

It's time. Libby needs them. It means the floaties come off.
{It also means that my days of lounging by the side of the pool are numbered, as I know once that floatie comes off, I'm gonna be on her like YOU KNOW WHAT to be sure she is safe. Goodbye, leisurely afternoons. I feel as if I'm regressing back to toddler stage - you know, when you can't leave the kids alone by the pool at all. Yeah, I'm there again. Joy.

But at least Libby LOVES to swim. Teaching her will be a no-brainer. Day after day, she jumps into that pool over and over and over again. Down the slide, off the side, off the diving boards. No inhibitions - she will be GREAT!! I mean, what could go wrong?

Seems Libby had other ideas in mind. First off, she is starting these on the heels of that crying phase she had at the end of school. Then, OH NO!!! Her teacher was a BOY!!! Not a GIRL!!! I knew I shouldnt have mentioned if it was going to be a girl or boy. I had spoken with a woman, so I assumed it would be a woman. I assumed wrong. Immediate tears. I thought to myself "Oh hell, no, Libby. Just don't."

I admit it. I was annoyed. I mean, really? So we pushed her {gently, I promise} to take off her flip flops and head to the pool with this young man. He was so nice. I was a little less nice.

We approached the pool. You know, the one...the one I mentioned earlier. The one she jumps into over and over and over again. This morning??

Really, Libby? You won't get in? You won't do ANYTHING??
I really don't have patience sometimes. I know this about me. I try to keep this in check.
This morning I tried. I was rolling my eyes on the inside, but trying to be supportive on the outside.

And then, I realized bribery would work best.
Her teacher: "Libby, I promise it will be fun. Would you like to walk one more step in? It will be so much fun. I won't let anything happen to you and your mom is right there."
Me: "Libby. Listen to him. You do this every day. If you don't learn to swim, we won't come back to swim. You MUST listen to him. Now."

So her teacher tried another approach and took her to the baby pool. Whatever. I wanted to stay out of the way but she wasnt listening so yes, I bribed again.
"Libby if you don't do what he says I'm going to sit by the other pool."

{He wasn't crazy. He was great with her. I was the crazy one. I know this. But hey, it worked.}

They got through the lesson and she even graced him with some high fives. Lucky kid. He probably was counting down the minutes until this session was over.

But she accomplished three of her tasks for the completion of level 1 so skill-wise, I think she is good. We've gotta get those tears out of the equation. If we don't, I'll REALLY feel like we are regressing. Libby may begin looking like this: 

And I may begin looking like this:

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