Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Me and my Shadow

Well, we have hit an impasse with little Libby as the school year draws to a close. This sweet one, who has loved school all year long, is done. We've gone from shedding a few tears while at school to full-blown crying as I walk her to the door.

And the behavior isn't confined to school. She opted to forgo dance class yesterday. She didnt want to go to her friend's house the other day. All because, according to Libby, she misses me too much. 


I mean, I think I'm a good mom. But as much as I appreciate the sentiment, I'm calling BS. I don't play as many games as I should. Im sure I should be reading to her more, playing Play-Doh and Barbie and doctor and house. Bike rides should be more frequent {except for this darn cool weather we are having}.

Truth be told - I think she's better off - having more fun - away from me! :) 

But I know, it's a phase and it will pass. At least Im hoping. Because although I love cuddle time with her - she won't want it much longer, I am torn between truly cherishing it and looking at her with confusion and asking "WHY, all of a sudden, do you not want to be ANYWHERE without me?"

I started calling her Shadow yesterday. She wasn't amused.

So alas, another phase of growing up. I dropped her off crying today. I hope she has a good day. She loves school, I know she does. :(

It breaks my heart a little to see her so sad. But why the sadness? You get to hang with your friends, go to centers, and PE, and play on the playground. Im not nearly that entertaining. 

But I suppose shadows dont really have a say in what is entertaining or not. They simply follow you EVERYWHERE YOU GO! :) 

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