Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

This morning, I find myself really reflecting on the fact that my kids are getting so old. I am still down to the last sippy cup, really only used when Libby is in the television room. Where did the babies go? Where did the snuggles go? The bottles? The late night songs to get them to go to sleep? They seem like yesterday and yet really, they are not.

This makes me sad. I miss those days. I loved my kids as babies. I love babies period. The time I had with them as younger kids is so quickly replaced by their big kid activities. School dances. Soccer. Hip hop. Volleyball. Sleepovers. Homework. Lots of homework. Weekend plans. Movies. And so on and so on. 

This morning, the following video captured my attention. Maybe it is because my oldest is 14, or maybe it simply is because this man so beautifully captures how our kids grow right before our eyes and before we know it, they are no longer kids. :(

Recently, though, I have experienced some "little kid" moments. Like when my 14 year old woke from a bad dream and asked to go back to sleep in our room so she felt safer. Like when both my older girls make it a point to come say goodnight with a hug or kiss every night before they head upstairs. Like Connor coming into our room every morning and coming to my side of the bed to give me a hug to say good morning. Like when Libby, who sometimes falls asleep on the couch in the afternoon and has a hard time falling asleep at bedtime, asks me to read her a story or two, late at night, and she falls asleep as Im reading to her. 

These are moments I will cherish. 

Yesterday, I got the older girls out of school early for a day of shopping, dinner and the Miley Cyrus concert in Kansas City. It was Abby's birthday present. They have been counting down for weeks. 

Long story short - Miley cancelled and the girls were devastated. But we made the best of the situation and had a really nice time together, laughing while shopping both day and night. Fun memories of them pulling me away from the little girl section AND the workout section of some stores {I fall prey to buying more than I need of both of those things} and just enjoying them, as young women, growing up. 

I cherish my kids. I hope they know that. Sometimes I wish time would stand still. Other times I wish I could go back in time with each one of them to baby cuddle with them one more time. Ill have to take what I can get - and those "little kid" moments I mentioned earlier? I cherish those just as much. 

Happy mom. Lucky mom. Blessed mom. 

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