Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One lucky mom

I love my kids.
I love that Libby still says "firsty" instead of "thirsty."
I love how Connor looks now that he has {finally} lost his two front teeth.
I love watching Abby grow, even though I get sad she is growing too fast.
I love hearing Keely laugh. She has the most wonderful, infectious laugh.
I love that Abby can make her baby sister smile when no one else can.
I love it that Libby loves playing football and asks Chris to play with her on a regular basis.
I love that Keely will try anything, whether it's new to her or not, without batting an eye.
I love that Connor is as comfortable dancing with his sisters as he is on the basketball court or soccer field.
I love that all four kids look forward to sleeping together in the basement or in the TV room every weekend, as if it is the best treat ever.
I love hearing Keely sing.
I love that Abby still likes to give me hugs and kisses good night.
I love Connor's LOUD spirit, even when it rings in my ears early in the morning.
I love having girls' days with Abby and Keely.
I love hearing Connor read to Libby.
I love it that some nights, all Libby needs is for me to sleep with her for a little while. It reminds me of when she was a baby.
I am just one lucky mom. For so many reasons that I cannot even begin to articulate.
I am so blessed. And very, very happy.


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