Friday, November 8, 2013

One lonely sippy cup

The other day I was cleaning the house (I think...maybe I was searching for the remote control to the television because I needed some quiet time...). Anyway - as I was cleaning/searching, I was {naturally} looking under the couch  - because we all know that MANY MANY things live under the couch if you have kids. 

There it was - one of the last two sippy cups that still reside in my home. Libby is 4 - clearly she doesn't need sippy cups on a regular basis, but they are good to have when 1. your kids are sick or 2. you are so OCD about not spilling on the carpet. I am guilty of #2, in case you didn't catch that. ;)

Anyway - I picked it up and proceeded to take it to the kitchen to rinse it out and place in dishwasher. You know when something is so dirty, so NASTY in this case, that the mere thought of it repulses you? Yeah, well that sippy cup had been living under that couch for quite awhile. Long enough for the mold to grow mold. 


So, it was thrown away. One more sippy cup in the house. It better last for awhile because I'm not buying anymore of them. After all, my babies are {sigh} no longer babies. 

I'll try to come to terms with this. Maybe someday I will succeed!


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