Saturday, September 21, 2013

No wonder I'm tired...

Well happy Saturday, all! :) I hope everyone had a great week and is getting ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend! Last night, Chris and I were ready to enjoy a nice, quiet evening that consisted of a few drinks and an evening outside with the first fire of the fall season. After a long week for us both, it sounded blissfully perfect.

So I thought I'd share our blissful Friday night, and my overnight and morning with you, just so YOU TOO can enjoy the blissfully perfect life I lead. {No, no - there is no sarcasm in that statement. Come on now!}

Friday night: 7pm-9pm. Fire lit. Drinks in hand. A beautiful evening just to unwind.

Enter kids.

"Mom, did you know that Venus is the hottest planet?"
"Dad, want to play football?"
"Why don't you want to play football?"
"Can we tell scary stories?"
"How about smores? Can we make smores?"

Kids - this is what dad and I want to do tonight. You're looking at it. Firepit. Quiet. Relax.


"Did you know that lightening is hotter than the sun? It could knock down a sky scraper."
"Dad! I saw an airplane!"
"Can lightening knock down a hotel?" {Connor, of course}
"Where the big dipper?
"Lets tell scary stories, pleeeeaaassseee?"
"Can a giant touch the sky?" {Libby}
"An airplane!! An airplane!!"
"Who would win a battle of superman vs superman?"

Suffice it to say, our quiet evening by the fire was not EXACTLY as planned. Ahh well.

Crying Libby, standing in my bathroom, a foot away from the toilet, pees on the floor.

Crying Libby, who has been knocked off the mattress in the basement {where they all like to sleep on weekends. I guess it's a treat, but what the hell kind of treat is it when your sister kicks you off the bed in her sleep?}

430am: Me. Can't get back to sleep. Mind wanders.
Did I email all clients about me leaving town?
I don't know how to get to Abby's tournament. Maybe I should google it.
Hmmm - did I order everything for Libby's party?
When am I picking up things for her party?
What should I do for bootcamp on Sunday?

Hell, I may as well get up.

530am: COFFEE!
Time to wake Abby for her tournament. THAT'S fun.
6am: Catch daughter in a lie. THAT's fun too. Head to Dillons to get lunch for tournament. Then a trip to McDonalds to get her a caramel frappe {also known as a sugar-laden, disgusting excuse for a drink, but E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E came to the bus last tournament with one...except her.}

Decide stairs need vaccuming. House is dusty. May as well dust a little. Start laundry. Clean our room and bathroom. Get directions to tournament. Create bootcamp workout for tomorrow. Empty dishwasher. Pack lunch for Libby, who is watching tournament. Raise voice at kids because no one cares about a clean house but me.

8am: COFFEE!!
Get Libby dressed, Connor into shower. Print directions to game. Head out.

What the hell? No wonder I'm tired.
Happy weekend, all. Thanks for letting me share the love. I KNOW many, MANY of you can relate.

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