Monday, August 26, 2013

School year update 2013

Another school year has begun! Hard to believe how quickly 2013 is going. We had a great summer - travelled to see Chris' family in South Carolina, I got to take a wonderful trip to Alaska with my mom and we used the rest of the summer lounging by the pool - I cant complain.

This year, we have all 4 in school. Libby is going to preschool three days a week and is loving it. She does everything she can to keep up with her sisters and brothers, sometimes much to my dismay. I mean, who needs a 3 year old gyrating to Justin Bieber? ;)

She loves Scooby Doo {as her siblings do} and loves spending time with her brother and sisters and extended family too. This summer, Matt and Laurel came to visit. Poor Laurel couldn't get away from her - Libby wouldn't let her out of her site. So she hung on her like she often does her own sisters and brother. She's getting to the age when she wants friends over, and often gets a little sad when her siblings have friends over and she doesn't. {This is when she opts to watch things like "Pretty Little Liars" just so she can hang out with them. Ugh.}

Connor is in second grade and is playing soccer again this fall. He had a fun summer, and we tried to get him together with his buddies. Although we live in Lawrence {small by city standards} his friends don't necessarily live close because we send the kids to St. John School. Still, we tried to arrange some play dates with him and his friends {and yes, it is still considered OK to call his get-togethers "play dates" but somewhere between 2nd and 6th grade, it becomes UNCOOL.

Keely started at South Middle School this year and has jumped right in. She is now on student council there and is loving her new school. It's quite a change from St. John but she is transitioning like a trooper. She also is going to play volleyball and is again participating in the Lawrence Children's Choir. Busy! Good thing my evening training sessions have moved to daytime. We carpool to and from every night!

Abby began 8th grade and is cheering for South Middle School. She has been great at helping Keely in her new school. She also is playing volleyball this year and seems to be having a great start to the year. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, singing, dancing and NOT doing homework. :)

So yes, we have had an uneventful and happy start to the school year. Our life consists of me training in the early morning/late morning/afternoon hours and Chris and I travelling to two schools, taking to soccer, choir, picking up from volleyball, picking up from soccer, from choir, taking to volleyball, choir, cheer, games, camps, etc in the evenings.

Catch my drift? The life of a parent.
We wouldn't have it any other way!

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