Thursday, May 2, 2013

The end is near! Bring on summer!! :)

So this year is winding down and I am again thinking about how blessed to lead the life I lead. I have thought many times about how my schedule was so different when Abby and Keely were little. I worked in Kansas City - from 8am to 5pm, which meant the kids and I were on the road by 7am and we were home by 630pm. We did it. Day after day and it was fine. The girls were happy & I had a job I enjoyed.

Move forward, and here we are, two more kids and a schedule that really, really works for us. I am so looking forward to lazy summer days {if summer ever gets here. I am typing this, looking out the window at rain and 35 degree temperatures with snow on the way}. Everything just slows down. 

My job is mine and mine alone. My clients are wonderful and quickly become friends, if they weren't already. A fun summer vacation planned with Chris' upcoming trip to Alaska with my mom...blessings abound. :)

Here is an update on the kids:
Today, Abby tries out for cheerleader at South Junior High. She really wants to make the squad and I so hope she does. She tries out at 3pm and I'll be waiting and holding my breath until I hear from her. Her 7th grade year has been a good one...she learned some lessons about some people and has grown as a result. :) Her activities this year included basketball, volleyball, track, South Singers and now, cheer.

Keely is in "Peter Pan" at school this week. Mom, Chris and I saw it yesterday and it was a wonderful show. :) She was accepted into the Lawrence Children's Choir's tour choir. She was in Choristers last year and worked hard to "move up." In the tour choir, she has the opportunity to travel with the group to locations around Kansas and the country. A great opportunity. This year, Kee completed Choristers, volleyball, track, basketball, school play and scouts. She leaves St. John after this year to head to South. Although I know she is ready to move on, I know these last few weeks of school will be hard for her. We will have to make sure she and her friends stay in touch. There are some wonderful girls in her current class. :) 

Connor is playing club soccer for the first time this year - more competitive than rec league, he is really enjoying it. This was also his first year for basketball, and seemed to take to it naturally. He will be the oldest at St. John School next year. He has mentioned that he will miss his sister, but I think he kindof likes that he will be the one "looking out" for Libby, who will begin preschool there next year. Connor has had a more manageable schedule than the girls...we are letting him lead the way with activities because when he mentions something it is usually because he really wants to do it. He has mentioned football...but Chris and I keep ignoring that one, hoping it will go away! ;)

And little Libby Lu finishes her first year of preschool at First Presbyterian soon. She has enjoyed it, but lately has REALLY had some mommy separation issues so school drop off hasnt been so fun. Not sure what it is, but I'm truly hoping it is a stage. Summer will be here soon, and she will get plenty of time with me. Maybe she will tire of me! ;) Seriously, though, I love cuddling with her every morning. Chris makes fun of me for how long I sometimes stay in bed with her, but time flashes before our eyes so we have to capture every moment, right?

So - all in all - the kids are wonderful and we are all looking forward to a slower, WARMER pace of summer. Now if the weather would only cooperate... 


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