Thursday, May 9, 2013

"MOM!!! Did you just SAY that??"

Clear the room of little eyes. This is BAD stuff. Bad shhhtuff.
A great day for the park after school. Driving home, just talking with the kids about their day. All is good. Contemplating where to go for dinner tonight {after all, Chris is in KC all when the cat's away, the mouse doesn't always want to cook}.
All is good. Stopping at a red light. No biggie. Hanging out, just waiting for it to turn green.
OUT COMES THIS PUNK KID {she was probably 20 and yeah, I call that a KID}, completely OBLIVIOUS to MY right of way {on the street} and her need to yield {coming out of a parking lot}.
Seriously, kid? Are you really trying to cut me off? Really?
I don't know what came over me. I was momentarily taken over by someone else. A rude, profane wasn't me.

After all, I have three of my kids in the car. Set an example, for God sakes, Tracey.
Out of NOWHERE - UP goes my middle finger and the words "F*** YOU!!!" come out of my mouth! LOUDLY!!!

I mean, really, WTH? Who AM I??
Instantly, I regretted it. Keely looks at me with amazement, bewilderment, confusion...

Connor: "Mom, what does "F***" mean? Why did you say that word?

I stammer. Try to think FAST - super fast!
"I didn't say "f***"--- I said BUCK, but don't say it unless you are talking about money...
Connor: "Or buck teeth? Keely has buck teeth!"

Kee:; "No I DON'T!!"
Me: Trying to regain composure, control, SOME semblance of the real ME..."Connor, stop making fun of your sister."
Keely, still aghast by the entire thing, stares at me like I have a third eye.
I just want to crawl into my skin. Seriously, I lost it for that moment in time.

It can only mean one thing:

Don't get in my way and cut me off when I'm driving.
I, apparently, am a mean son of a bitch!



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