Friday, February 22, 2013

Basketball, futsal, junior high dances, oh my!!

Oh well, hell, I haven't written since Christmas. I'm so bad. So how's your 2013 going? We're busy, busy, busy, but who the heck isn't? Good stuff going on around here. Today, we enjoyed the second day of a monster snowstorm. Chris and I love it. We are so meant to be together. The kids are enjoying it too, but Abby's ready to pull out the bikini and head south. I swear, that girl is ready to G-R-O-W up! {And I'm not so ready for that}. She asked a boy to a dance last week. {SAY WHAT??} He wasn't able to go, but he was really gracious about it and thanked her for asking. Dare I say I was impressed?

Anyway - we went dress shopping, and we found one we BOTH like! It really is cute. And, if I may say so, MUCH better than some of the other choices she has tried on. Too revealing, too short, too BIG, too "no way!!" - but not the one she got. She will undoubtedly look beautiful at the dance, which has been rescheduled until next week because of the weather.

Nice faces, girls.
Tomorrow marks weekend #1 of Keely's basketball tournament. She really is fun to watch on the court...she is aggressive, quick and a great team player. Her team has won all but one game this year and is going into the tournament ranked #1 for her grade out of all the Lawrence and Kansas City schools. GO EAGLES!

And then there's Connor. I cannot believe that before kids all I wanted was boys. I love him - dearly - but his energy level is THROUGH.THE.ROOF. I can't contain it - I can't handle it much of the time and Chris gets a lot of calls at work with me saying "OH MY GOD. WHAT IS HIS DEAL???" Thank God he plays sports - he has a futsal game tomorrow too {did I mention we were busy?} Playing sports enables him to run, kick, GET SOME ENERGY OUT before it drives me insane.

It's a regular occurrence that he is chasing Libby around the house. Libby's screaming. Connor's chasing her. They are both driving me insane and they never stop. To say I'm a wee bit stir crazy after two snow days is an understatement. ;) Ahh well.

And Libby. Boo that I think we are done with long days in school on Wednesdays. I don't mean to act like I'm ready to kick her to the curb, {and no way am I counting down the days till kindergarten, not me} but I WAS enjoying having some time to myself on Wednesdays when she stayed at school till 130pm. Not anymore. :( She just doesn't like being there "after" school for lunch bunch. Different teachers, more kids {some of whom are older} made her very anxious and poor thing would get upset at the thought of going.

So bye bye to free Wednesdays for me. And that's ok...I guess. ;) At least I still get time with my trainer. No way I'm giving that up. I need that for MY sanity.
Chris and I are heading out of town for a night away tomorrow. It is 19 years + 3 days since we met...{but who's keeping track?} We are looking forward to a little mini break. WHAT? You mean no one will crawl into bed with us at 6am? Saaawwweet! We haven't had a night away in a long while, so we plan on enjoying the time we will have.

We have decided that we aren't going to head out of town for spring break. Instead we are heading to South Carolina for a week in Kiawah. :) So stoked. We are staying at my uncle's beach house with Chris' cousins and their kids. Looking forward to a nice & fun week with them, so we will be staying put over spring break. {Another reason we are happy to get away this weekend!}
Here are some photos from yesterday. More snow is expected Sunday and Monday. Winter has definitely arrived...even though it is late February! That's ok with me. As I type this, Chris is making another fire and all is right with the world!
:) Love to all! :)

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Elisa B said...

So glad to get a little catch up on your life! Sounds like things are so, so good! Have a wonderful time with Chris this weekend!

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