Sunday, November 4, 2012

Basketball has begun!

This weekend was the beginning of basketball season for Connor and Abby. Keely's season runs next week through March{YIKES!} but games don't start until December.

So yesterday we went from Abby's game to Connor's game. Abby scored three times and played well. She has been playing since third grade so we were happy to see her put some of her skills to good use and help out her team. They won 26-9.

Connor has never played basketball before. Watching his game was, well, really, really fun. These little first grade boys get so excited when they score - skipping down the court, high-fiving their teammates, and often unaware of where they should be standing and why - these kids were just having fun. 

{Sorry it's a little blurry. I love this one - he was skipping down the court after he made a basket!}

Forget traveling - there is no such thing in first grade basketball. Instead, there is a whole lot of carrying the ball, occasionally dribbling when it is deemed necessary {namely, when the ball handler feels he is "safe" and no one will steal the ball}.

Connor scored five times and was really aggressive with the ball - in a good way. Chris is one of the coaches so I know he will get a solid foundation from which he can continue to learn and grow as a player. 

{Love this man!}

I know he is only 6, but watching Connor play is so much fun. Why is it that watching boys is so different than watching girls? Don't get me wrong - I love watching my girls play sports - but there is something about watching Connor and his friends that I can't explain. Bottom line = it's engaging & exciting and it makes me happy. 

{At this age, it's very common that the kids need some reminding about which basket is theirs.}

Makes me happy to see all of them involved in sports. I wouldn't have it any other way. Soon, Libby will be out there, basketball, gymnastics, dance, volleyball, track...whatever she wants. And Chris and I will be at her games too - cheering her on and enjoying our weekend activities for years to come!

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