Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unplugging the family, whether we all like it or not!

Blasphemy! That WORD! The mere IDEA of such a thing. There is simply NO WAY!
{Thus accurately portrays Abby's face when Chris and I told her that beginning this week, there will be one night per week that we, as a family, will unplug ourselves from everything.}

Let me run down that list:
Cell Phones

Nada. Zilch. Zero. No electronic devices, no Dance Moms, no blogging, no researching, no Nothing.

You would think we had told her that once a week we were going to rip an appendage from her body. Because, sadly, that is how it has become. Not just for her though.

I come home from training, and more often than not, I get online to either email clients, post a new challenge to a fitness or wellness group, write a blog post. Chris is more apt to head to the television. Abby - Facebook, Keely - Edmodo & email, Connor - or

It's pretty bad. And if Abby isn't online, she's on her phone. So we said once a week no one gets to do any of that.

We have survived one night. Fingers crossed we can keep this up. Our plan? Game night, or getting outside, or reading, or any activity we all may like but doing it with the family.

Our goal is to keep our kids engaged with us - as the girls get older, we want to be sure they know they can come to us, talk to us & not feel a need to push us away. It's also simply a good example to set for Connor and Libby. Unplugging benefits all & Chris and I are excited to see how it goes. 

Abby? Not so thrilled, but she's a wonderful girl - I have all the confidence in the world that she WILL survive! 


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