Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday night is SO FUN!! :)

This weekend Chris is out of town, so I have the kiddos. :) That means less cooking and more cleaning. Yes, you read that right. When Chris leaves town, the kids and I may go out to eat more, but more often, we simply eat less "BIG" meals, I suppose you could say.

Therefore, I get a lot of cleaning done. And hanging out with the kids. Today, after a fun trip downtown, we finished the grocery shopping together. Then the laundry. Then we picked up some friends of Abby and Keely's, went to dinner and I dropped them off at a movie without me. Fun night, right? 

So, the plan was for me, Libby and Connor to have a "movie night" of our own. No lights, lots of popcorn and apple juice, comfy PJs and blankets - the whole bit.

Popcorn was made. Lights were off. All snuggled under a blanket on the floor till we got the call to go pick the girls up. Perfect. 

10 minutes in. Libby's up. Bored with movie. Wants more juice. 
15 minutes in. Connor's stomach starts to hurt. He gets up. Wants water. Moves to couch. 
20 minutes in. Connor complaining of stomachache. Libby definitely bored with movie. 
25 minutes in: See for yourself. Libby no longer in TV room watching movie with lights out. In my bed, watching Dora, requesting all lights on and less than amused that {again} I have asked her to sit still so I can take a photo of her.

{It's like she thinks I take a lot of photos or something???}

Oh yes, and Connor. Sound asleep on the couch. Couldn't care less about the movie, or movie night at all, for that matter.

Ahh well, all is quiet in the English house. Until I have to wake him up to go get the girls.
That, my friends, is going to be FUN!

Must go. Libby's back. And she's bored again. Dora is over. 

1 comment:

Feral Turtle said...

Lol Never goes quite as planned with little ones.

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