Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday mommy blues

Monday needs to leave me alone today. I thought all was starting off well. Thought I was going to make it to the gym instead of working out on my own - I wanted to take someone else's class. Got to the club about 15 minutes before class and, hmmm, interesting, the instructor wasn't there. So I waited. A few people trickled in and I remembered that a few months ago, I had offered to sub some dates. So I looked at my phone. Nope, nothing written on my calendar for today. So I waited some more. More people showed up. I thought I better check my email to be sure I wasn't scheduled to teach....


Ok, well, nothing like a spur of the moment to put you on your toes. It was an Interval class, so I went to it. Bag work, a little tabata, of course, some strength and core work, and they were a tired group. Boo, no workout for me though. 

So much for working out. :( The day isn't over. I'll try to fit something in. 

Anyhoo - as I'm teaching, my phone keeps ringing. It's home. I ignore it. Till after class - then I call Keely, who is at home watching Connor and Libby.

"What's wrong Kee? Don't call unless it's an emergency."
"Libby hurt her foot."
"Is she bleeding?"
"No. She just wanted me to call and tell you. She's playing now."
"Is that what you called to tell me when you tried calling four times?"
"Well, that and I have a tick."
"A what?"
"A tick on my arm."

{Crap. I don't do ticks. Chris does. The whole idea of a bug burying its head under your skin makes me want to throw up. I've never taken a tick out, but I couldn't get a hold of Chris. Yes, I was going to ask him to come home, or I was going to drive to his office, tweezers in hand, with Keely. I mean, isn't there something about making sure ALL of the tick gets out? I was nervous and nauseated at the thought of doing it myself.}

I got home, frazzled because I had to get the two little ones dressed and Kee to volleyball camp in about 15 minutes. Oh yeah, and the damn TICK had to be taken out {GROSS!}

So I did it. The whole time, I said to myself - out loud - "This isn't a tick. It's a splinter. It's a splinter..."

Damn little bug was a stubborn son of a b*tch - but I got it. Then about threw up. 


Ok, Keely at volleyball camp, Abby picked up...trip to library - not fun with 4 kids {I had my nephew and when he and Connor get together, they are insane}. Trip back to the high school to get Keely, all 5 home for lunch, then planning a workout session at 1pm...getting them all lathered up to go to the pool with mama...sidenote...


And then I was off to my PT session. Waiting for everyone to come home so I can take Abby to the orthodontist and then Keely, later, to swimming. What's for dinner? Who knows. When will we eat? No clue.

And it's just MONDAY! 

But, sadly, it will have to wait till later. After all, it's only 2:30pm and my day is only half over. Surely Monday can't get any more annoying...right?


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mom said...

I think you survived very well - of course the day is not over but I have complete faith in you - there are weeks when I truly hated Mondays so I really do empathize!

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