Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mommy's going CUCKOO!!

 This morning, as has been the case every morning this week, I've driven Abby to volleyball camp at 8am. I look forward to this drive, because until today, I have only taken Abby - no one else - and I have enjoyed the solitude of driving ALONE once she is dropped off. 

Today, Libby had other ideas. 
"Mommy, I want to go!"
"No, Libby, I'm literally dropping her off and coming back. You won't even get out of the car."
"Eat your breakfast, Libby. I'll.Be.Right.Back."

Good God. Fine. 
"Yay! Now I need to get dressed."
"No you don't - we aren't getting out of the car!"
"No Libby. If you go, you go in PJs."
"But I need shoes."
"No you don't. There isn't time."

Shoot me.

"Let's go."
{I could have been halfway to school by the time this conversation had ended. Just saying..}

Oh yeah...then comes Connor...
"Mommy, can I go?"

REALLLLLY???? I'm just going to the high school and coming.RIGHT.HOME!

Relatively uneventful drive on the way there, except for the NON-STOP inquiries about the music:
Can you turn it up?
What is the name of this song?
Who's singing this?
Do you like this song?
I can't hear it. Turn it up, mommy.


I like quiet sometimes. Sometimes I don't even WANT the radio on. That being said, you KNOW I don't always want to hear Justin Bieber, or Rhianna, or One Direction or any of that {I won't say cr*p, but that's what I think of it}.

Too bad for me. No quiet for me. I dare TOUCH the radio and it's the third degree:

Cut off my ears.

I love my kids. I really do. I do not, however, understand WHY they insist on driving me completely and totally insane. And Libby isn't even 3...since when did a TWO YEAR OLD want to listen to the latest {not saying cr*p} music that her siblings want?

Heck. I'd take "Wheels on the Bus" over that stuff.
Yes, yes I may becoming insane.

I believe it's a conspiracy. All the kids know about it. The adults are the ones in the dark.
No. Let me rephrase...the MOMS are the ones in the dark.

I need a drink. It's only 8:50am. I know there are others who can relate. I find some - not a lot - but some solace in that! 
Have a great day!

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