Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 4th of July, DIY-style! :)

Yesterday, I was doing my normal online stuff - posting for Aspire Fitness, checking email, etc. and I stumbled upon the wreath above. Instantly fell in love and wanted it. But the $45 price tag - and the knowledge that I could make something very similar {which would be much more fun} prompted me to take on a holiday wreath. I've done them before, but quite honestly, had not given much thought to the 4th of July decor. It's a holiday I like, yes, but it doesn't grab my attention when it comes to decorating that other holidays do. But this year, it was going to be different. 

Supply list:
Two flags: $.50 each
Glitter ball sticks: $1.49 each {3}
Ribbon: On sale: 2 for $4.99. I ended up needing three of the polka dot and one of the red.
Sparkly decoration {not in photo}: $1.99
Straw wreath: $4.99 {I was going to get a foam wreath, but the 14" one was $6.99, whereas the 18" straw wreath was only $4.99. Sold}
TOTAL FOR PROJECT: $17.50 {and no tax or shipping!}

Choose the ribbon you like. We have a red door, so I didn't want red ribbon. Navy stands out a lot more. Then wrap, wrap & wrap some more. I used stick pins to hold the ribbon in place on the wreath. I used three rolls of blue ribbon on an 18" wreath. {Actually had to go back to Michaels because I originally bought two}.

I love how all of the decor looks together. Pops of red, white & blue make me smile. 

The finished product. A little different than the one on Etsy, but I like it. And I made it, so I love it even more. Another thing to note - should I decide to change this wreath, I can easily take everything off - nothing is pasted to the wreath, so I can interchange ribbon, accent decor, etc. any time I want. 

So then, I thought I'd take on the mantel. A few years ago, mom bought me this star wreath from Locust Street Marketplace in Lawrence. If you live here and haven't gone, you must. I love this store. One of my all-time favorites. Always great items and very reasonable prices. :)  

I had everything in the house for this one, so no $$ spent. Took the large mirror down - this always changes the facade of the fireplace more than anything and it always is a nice change to take it down - and placed the star wreath alongside some candles, floral vine and some flags. We typically place flags outside, and we will again this year, but I also brought them indoors. I think it turned out great. 

So there you have it - we are ready for the 4th of July a few weeks early. :) Simple things - I love em!
Enjoy your weekend!

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