Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cement staining on a Sunday afternoon...

The front porch of your home is a guest's first impression of your entire house - inside and out. 
Our first impression wasn't a pretty one. Although completing replacing the front porch is on our "to-do" list, it isn't something on the "to do RIGHT NOW" list.
Still, that doesn't mean we have to have settle for one that looks, well, tired.

A few years ago, when our porch was a LOT of GREY cement, I decided to paint it a brick color. Chris thought I was crazy, but then again, he always thinks I'm crazy and then he ends up liking what I do in/to/outside the house.

I love Behr's Concrete Stain and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to reface a cement slab, patio or porch. Love the stamped concrete look too, but for this project, I simply painted it.

It lasts about a year, and then should be redone. "Should" is the key word here, as I haven't redone mine in 2-3 years. Today it was perfect weather - not too windy, which is often what prevents me from doing this project. I took to it with a helper.


Before. Very sad, sad first impression.

The difference in the before and after is well-demonstrated in the photo below. 

 Abby was a great help and what's great about this project is that she didn't have to be too "careful" not to get paint in certain areas. We are surrounded by brick and grass! Notice the difference? ~Amazing~


Voila! Done! Our front porch becomes happy once again!
This project took about an hour from start to finish & that's with two coats. I've got extra, too, if anyone has some cement they want to stain!

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