Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10-day blogging challenge. Day 7

Oops. Apparently, I missed yesterday's post. Keely just reminded me. Here goes:

Day 7: Four turn offs.

1. Drama. I have seen my share of this stuff. So has everyone. Especially if you are a female. I detest it. If you have a beef with someone, tell them, work it out, let it go and move on. Thankfully, I'm not surrounded by much of this, but yes, the girls are. I try to tell them the same thing - STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAMA - but it's hard when you are a pre-teen and your world revolves around the stuff. Still, I'll keep saying it. Over and over again. 

2. Grudges. This ties in with #1 a little bit. You know, people argue. They disagree. If the relationship is worth anything, it will survive. I've always been a pretty open person. Some may say this has gotten me into some trouble in certain situations. But I'm not going to keep quiet - keep the peace - if I feel there is a need to share my feelings. I would hope that others do the same with me. If you have a problem with me, tell me. Get it off your chest. Decide if you want to continue with the friendship, or not. But just move on. Grudges weigh people down. Too little time in life to worry about some things. 

3. Dishonesty. Don't lie. Seriously. What good does it do? Nada. Zilch. None. 

4.  NOT saying thank you. If someone does something nice for you, thank them. I try my best to do this. People like hearing "Thank you!" This is something I think, for the most part, our kids are good at doing, but it's still something we have to work on. It takes a moment, but lasts so much longer. 

Well, that wasn't so bad...up next:

Day 8: Three turn ons. 

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