Monday, June 4, 2012

10-day blogging challenge. Day 6

Day 6: Five people who mean a lot {in no particular order}

I've been looking forward to this post. The only thing I hate is that there aren't enough people to name. I only get 5. I'll probably cheat a little on that part. ;)

1. First of all, there was this guy in college. I was at this party - this jello shot party, no less {good GOD, did I really go to a jello shot party?} - at a fraternity. I went with a friend of mine and was having a great time. Still remember what I wore - a basic white long sleeve shirt and jeans. Hair long and blond. All one length. It was February 19. I was 20 years old and had JUST made a pact to NOT date anyone after a not-so-nice breakup with someone the semester before.

There were so many people at this party, but it didn't matter. This guy stood out above all others! This man {who am I kidding? I was 20. He was a BOY!} sat across the room - tall, very nice looking and yet, sitting all alone. I had enjoyed a few beverages and was, therefore, perhaps a little bolder than usual. I'm not one to just go up to someone I don't know to stir up a conversation, but I just HAD to meet this guy. How could I not? I psyched myself up, told my friend I'd be right back...started walking across the many people... and got so close... SO CLOSE to sitting down RIGHT next to him..I was so close...but then WHAM!!! this OTHER guy sat down RIGHT between us. 

His name was Chris. And apparently, HE'D been waiting to introduce himself to ME! :) 
True story. We've been together ever since. 

The first person who means a lot? Yeah, you guessed it...not the guy from across the room, but the OTHER guy who introduced himself to me. What a great man he is. And he's either insane or a saint to put up with my neurotic tendencies  - I'm a little OCD, a little unable to EVER sit still, a little obsessive about the sheets on the bed being JUST RIGHT. He loves me anyway, and he is my world. So yes, he is definitely my #1, today and forever. 

2. MOM!!! Mom just left for a well-deserved 14-day Mediterranean cruise. I hope I survive that long without talking with her. :) A true friend, but still one who gives me all the motherly advice I need {I call her regularly for help with dishes and child rearing}, she is ONE.AMAZING.WOMAN. I hope I can be half the mom she STILL is to me. 

3. MAURA!!! Love this woman! Love her! She is the reason I came to KU. I knew I wanted to leave Texas, but also knew I wanted to be near family. She has helped me in so many ways - emotionally, mentally, {financially}!!! I admire her spirit, her leadership, her willingness to share all she has with others. A superstar SEESTAR!!

4. {Here's where I'm cheating a little}: PETER AND MATT!!!! Yup, lumping the two brothers together, but only because they both mean so much to me and even though we don't get to see each other very often (Matt because he's in Texas and Pete because, well, he's just a BUSY WORKING DAD) I know that I can call either one of them at any time, any day, and if I needed them, they'd be there for me. I am so very blessed to have such loving, fun & supportive brothers. I think I deserve it, after all the times they beat me up when we were growing up! ;)

5. MICHELLE!!! She may not even know this, but she is truly a spectacular woman & one of my dearest friends. My college roommate, Michelle has seen me make some not so smart decisions {namely the one that occurred our junior year of college...she'll know what that means} and has also stood by me as one of my bridesmaids as I said my "I do" to Chris. She also is Libby's godmother, making her extra special to our family. She is the kind of friend who is able to pick up a friendship where it left, regardless of how often we are able to get together. Friendships like that are a blessing. She is a blessing. 

Oh, there are SO many more people I would LOVE to mention, but rules are rules {and obviously meant to be bent just a tad} so I will stick with these 5 {ok 6} people. Of course, my kids are up there, too, but for the purpose of this post, I'm sticking with the ones I've got.

:) This post makes me happy. Maybe it's because all of THESE people make me happy. xoxo

Up next - Day 7: Four turn offs.

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