Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On a roll...last one...SUMMER IS HERE!! :)

The school year is coming to an end. This summer will be the first summer in my grown up-mommy life that I will not be working for anyone but myself. To say I'm thrilled about this is an understatement. I have many friends who stay home with their kids, and for a very long time, I envied them. Now I am able to do the same. 

I also have many friends who, after years of staying home, are opting to go back to work. I admire them. 

But if I have my way, I will never work for anyone else again. It's me, myself and I and I cannot wait for this summer to take full advantage of it. 

I train all summer - have people scheduled and will continue to do what I have really, really grown to love - helping people feel better about themselves through physical activity. But I get to do it on MY time. MY schedule. MY terms. Love. Love. Love. 

Summer has never been like this. I can't wait to enjoy every minute of it. 

But there is another reason I can't wait for Thursday to come and go. Two months of no carpooling, no extra-curricular activities, no mandatory meetings for school plays, or recitals, or tryouts, or sports. 

And there is also more time with the kids. :)

And finally - there is the fact that I think my kids need a break from school. It's been a touch-and-go year for Abby. 6th grade hasn't been easy, so I welcome a much more laid back, carefree, less drama-filled existence for her throughout the summer. She will see friends at the pool she hasn't seen all year. She will smile more, which, in turn, will make me smile more. Maybe she'll gain some of her confidence back. I can only hope. 

So here's to the SUMMER!! To fresh air, poolside talks, camping trips, fireflies, snowcones, trips with family, NOT getting up early, NOT having to stay up late for homework, riding bikes, staying up late and everything else this fun season brings. 

Have a great one. :)

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