Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello? Is anyone there?

Hi again. I am telling you it seems like FOREVER between posts now. Things are so crazy busy that I find it hard to simply sit and write...something I love to do. But I'll try to do some of that to update everyone on our crazy lives. 

So Aspire Fitness LLC has completely taken off! Chris and I are so pleasantly amazed...we had faith it would grow, but the pace at which it is growing is a bit astounding. I currently have the privilege of working with a friend of mine who is a peri-natal fitness educator, so she and I have launched a post-natal bootcamp that includes an educational segment each time we meet {which is twice a week}. These women have kids ages 19 months and younger and they have been awesome to work with. I'm completely enjoying this group and am learning a lot as well. Sara {my co-trainer} is a wealth of knowledge.

Beyond that, it's a lot of group training in my home - {we are slowly transforming one of the unfinished rooms in our basement to a gym} or at clients' homes. I train couples, which is a hoot. Love seeing them play off each other. Motivate. Tease. Encourage. Small gestures that they don't even know they do with one another are awesome to watch. 

Chris and I began training together too, and we are both enjoying that. {Well, maybe more me than him. He claims I'm a bit too tough on him! ;)} There are times the kids join in, and what's so cool is that they are not only witnessing us exercising, but they are also participating. It's just FUN! :)

Also landed a job as a fitness instructor at another club in town. I have missed teaching, so this addition to my schedule is perfect. :) is great. I couldn't be happier. I am blessed. 

Chris is doing well too. Just received a promotion at work, and seems to be coming into his own. He's such a hard worker...always striving for more. And people love him. know anyone who needs some help planning for retirement? Estate planning? Trusts? He's your man! :)

And the kids. Let's see. Seems like yesterday Abby was Libby's age, yet now she is asking for a mo-ped as a gift. What??$()&% We tell her not to hold her breath on that one. She is doing well in school, and I, admittedly, am trying to come to terms with her growing up. Seems she has entered the world of "I love my friends and I can do without my family and just let me do what I want, k?"

She is a great young woman, but yes, is growing up. I cherish the moments she decides to stay home instead of run around with her friends {those times are not so frequent anymore}. Seems that I was concerned in the beginning of her year that she wasn't happy...didn't have I worry that she DOES! I suppose a mother's worry never goes only changes. Love that girl. :) She is growing up to be a wonderful woman. :)

Keely is active as ever - between softball, scouts, math competitions, choir and hip hop dance, this girl has me driving from here to kingdom come! And that's no lie. She is so active in so many things - it's awesome. She is approaching the end of her 4th grade year and is beginning to babysit her sister and brother when I need to run a quick errand and her sister {surprise} isn't home. :) 

Connor has started soccer and is really pretty good. He loves it and has quite the competitive side to him. He, too, is scooting around the neighborhood playing with his friends. I wish I had taken a photo of him on his way to his friend's house recently - his backpack was filled with play guns, bow and arrows, knives, nets, etc...It looked to weigh about 200 pounds, but he packed it on his back and scooted down the street - without a care in the world! :)

And Libby - what can I say? She is adorable but has the highest pitch scream when she doesn't get her way. Quite a temper on her too {must be from her dad.} She recently broke the back panel on her day bed because she was mad at daddy. Yikes. A stubborn little thing, she still isn't potty trained. I gave up on it...I'll try again this summer. 

I think we have decided to enroll her in a Mother's Day Out program in the fall instead of preschool. Because of her birthday being in September, she would have to attend preschool for three years and we opted to try MDO instead. I think she will like it - and I know I will do my best to get enough done in those mornings as possible.

WHAT? No kids at home AND I work my own hours? I think I've died and gone to heaven! ;)

So that's all of us. In a nutshell. I will try not to go so long between posts. The funny stories still occur...I just don't get them written down and I will try better because this is the book/stories I will share with the kids as they get older.

Until then, if you are still reading...THANKS!! :)


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Elisa B said...

Of course I am still reading! And so much fun to get a nice long update- even if I did just see you a couple weeks ago! And glad to hear my boys aren't the only ones who fill their backpacks with weapons every time they leave the house = )

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