Friday, February 24, 2012

Potty training, day 1

I started the potty training today. Chris thought I was crazy and told me to wait till it was warmer and she could run around naked if she wanted to.

I told him that I would be home with her, so he didn't have to worry. So our journey began.

We're at about 530pm and we just had our first accident. Not too bad. I've been placing Libby on the potty every 20 minutes, give or take. She's done pretty well. Nap time and when we were in the car picking up kids I had her in a diaper.

What strikes me as funny, and what I wanted to share, is just how funny Libby can be. The timer had about 15 more minutes on it - last time we sat down she didn't go - so I thought for sure, this time she would.

Well, she did. She just forgot to tell me and decided it was more convenient/easy/fast/plug in your own word to pee on her floor.

Upon coming downstairs, as she was holding herself, I thought "Wow! She really gets it! Libby - do you have to go potty?"

Beaming inside, convinced that I had trained my 2 year old to pee in the potty in less than 24 hours, I walked her hurriedly to the bathroom.

"Mommy...I pee on my floor but I go again. My princess panties yucky but that's ok. I go pee! I go pee!"

{Sigh. Ok, so maybe it takes more than 12 hours. I can deal.}

Anyway...a little long winded here...we are done and she hops of the potty, again, points to the underwear on the floor, says "ewww...yucky..." and then begins to walk away.

Her little bare bottom exposed, she starts strutting her stuff around the house and then points at me, doesn't miss a beat, and says "Let's go mommy. Let's go see my pee!"

Happy as a clam, she prances upstairs to show me where her accident occurs.

"See mommy? I pee! I pee!"

Something not registering here: pee+potty = good. pee+floor = not so good.

But how could I not smile? New panties on {also princess, so she really thinks she's looking quite - well - dapper} and once again, the timer is on...

The day's not over yet...maybe I can have her trained in 24 hours. Just to be on the safe side, I think I'll have some diapers on hand! :)

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