Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's sometimes easier to just.stay.home.

"Remind me of this night the next time I want to go out to eat."

That's what I said to Chris as we left dinner tonight. Tonight wasn't our night. I had a pretty full day, and I can't complain about that, but it did mean that dinner - you know, feeding those little people - had been put on the back burner.

Naturally, I called Chris to suggest eating out. I'm always the one who opts to get some "easy" and go out. So he agreed.

In no particular order, I witnessed {and winced at} the following:
1. Connor playing under the table.
2. Libby sticking her hands in her pants and then proclaiming, "Mommy, I poopy!"
3. Connor eating popcorn he had just spilled all over the floor. On the floor. As in, UNDER THE TABLE, on the floor, eating popcorn he had just spilled.
4. At least a half dozen nasty looks from our poor, unfortunate table neighbors, given to us each time Connor's chair hit theirs.
5. Libby & Connor {misery loves company} burying their heads in their seats, butts up in the air, complaining about how long it was taking to get our food.
{In their defense, it DID take especially long tonight, so I kinda sorta understand this one}.

6. Keely falling prey to the behavior of the 2 and 6 year olds, and beginning to slip in her seat, extremely bored and ready to go.
7. Multiple trips to the bathroom, the drinking fountain, and, of course, the popcorn machine to get more pre-appetizers, which came before the appetizer, which came before dinner, which neither Libby nor Connor wanted to eat after eating the pre-app and the app.

The only one who was well-behaved tonight was Abby, and that's only because she was so enthralled with texting people that we barely knew she was there. We tried to engage them in conversation. How was your day? "Fine." What did you do in school today? "Not much." Anything you want to share? "No, not really."

However, even though they weren't engaging in conversation, because of #1-7 above, it was difficult - at best - for me and Chris to engage in conversation either.

Get me out of this hell.
So we hurried with our drinks, I didn't finish my meal, and we left. Outta there. In the clear, right?

As we walk up the stairs, Keely somehow manages to seriously lodge a splinter about a 1/2 inch long - LITERALLY - in her hand. If you know my kids, you KNOW this wasn't good.

One who didn't witness the splinter incident would think Keely had just been stabbed because of how she was acting. {Granted, that was THE BIGGEST splinter I have ever seen, but she was a bit, shall we say, over the top. Tweezers didn't do the trick when we got home. Chris pulled out the PLIERS to get it out. It was huge.} Gross.

So, that was our night with the kids at dinner. I know so many of you are jealous. Come on, admit it. Tomorrow night? I don't care if I fall behind in preparing dinner. I am NOT going out to eat for awhile! :) Tonight was r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s!

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