Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The rag wreath...and a great GNO!

YAY!! Finally! Another project! This month, I was given the fun task of choosing a craft that we could do at our December book club meeting. Well, that me expand on that - we were meeting for book club, but we weren't reading a book, we were instructed to arrive in pajamas with wine and to be prepared to settle in for a holiday book club gathering full of craft making. 

And they asked me to choose the craft. 

But I was more than up to the task. So I sought ideas everywhere I looked, keeping in mind that although we wanted to make a craft, we couldn't have it take us hours to prepare. 

So I found the perfect one. Rag wreaths. So simple.
1. wire hanger
2. scissors
3. scraps of any fabric that strikes your fancy.
4. ribbon of choice. 

See below. I made one at home first - a few nights before we all met. After all, I had to be sure I liked it. I used whatever scraps of fabric I could find in the house {and wow, there were many!}

Shape the hanger into a circle...I think mine was about 10 inches in diameter. 
Cut fabric into thin strips. 
Tie onto hanger. 


The end result of wreath #1: 

I love the variety of colors. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

So now it was time to share the love. We all arrived in PJs or super comfy clothes and went to work. 
Cutting, tying, talking, relaxing. 

It was great. 

We topped them all off with our favorite ribbons {another thing I have a lot of...}

And they were ready to hang on the door!

So, the perfect night. 
Good friends. 
Great conversation.
A holiday craft. 

Happy holidays, and a special shout out to the best book club ever! {We better decide on a book for January, ladies!!}


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