Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's been awhile...

Well, I haven't been on my blog in what seems to be an eternity...whew. I don't know where to begin...I wish I had some great new crafty-holiday-thingys to share, but the truth is, I don't...because I haven't had time to MAKE anything crafty or holiday-y. :) WHY? Well, let me tell you...

Last weekend I went to a three-day weekend workshop to bring together everything I had been learning on my own over the last five months to become a personal trainer. 


Yup. Me. I did it, people. I studied for months, I read and re-read and had some support from some extremely wonderful and motivating people in my life. 

I was nervous. I hadn't taken a standardized test since, well, high school. Yes, I took tests in college, but my degree was English/Journalism...tests came in the form of papers...long, long papers and AP article writing. NOT multiple choice and practical tests. 

But I did it. I did it. I did it. Can you tell I'm pretty excited I did it? 
And it's done. And I passed. And I think that makes me {somewhat} legit. :)

And when I taught my group fitness class on Monday, I LOVED putting some of what I learned to use. I was giddy. I'm such a nerd. 

SO - the crafty-holiday thingys will come back soon, but for now, I'm enjoying NO late night studying, NO test anxiety and the awesome feeling that comes with accomplishing something BIG I set my mind to accomplish. 

I'll get back to my blogging/crafting/dreaming of DIY projects in no time. I promise. Till then...anyone need a trainer? ;)



d.p.e. said...

in need of a trainer willing to travel...:) congrats Tracey. happy that you are happy with your accomplishment.

Tracey English said...

Thanks, Darren! Who would have thought it so long ago, huh? ;)

Tanner and Leah said...

Yay Tracey! You will kick everyone's butt into shape!

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