Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a great weekend!

Today, I am thankful for lazy weekends. These days, lazy weekends are few and far between. There is typically a mad dash to a volleyball game, or the gym, or a scouts event, or a work event. There have not been many weekends during which we have no "REAL" calendar obligations. 

Somehow, this weekend was exactly that. And wow, did we need it!

As many people know, I am a {very} early riser. Add to that I am a person who {admittedly} cannot sit still. I will wake at 6am and have 4 loads of laundry done, dinner prepped and the house cleaned before Chris wakes up. I do not do well doing nothing. I will blame my mom for that. 

But this Saturday, Chris got up with the kids {two of whom are also early risers} and, well, "pulled a Tracey." I woke at 830am to laundry being done, pancakes made and cleaned, house straightened and kids quiet. 

Truth be told, I thought I had woken up in someone else's house. :)

But I didn't. We had nothing - as in NADA, ZILCH, ZERO - on the calendar EXCEPT a date! {A date? What is that? How does one GO on a date? What does one DO on a date?} You get the's been awhile. 

So, Chris and I opted to clean the playroom and storage area on Saturday. I know, not so much fun, but it is something we have been saying needs to be done for MONTHS! Well, we finally had time. 

Then we went out on a great date. Lots of talking, WITHOUT kids. It was heaven. I think we were at the restaurant for 3 hours. Simply talking. Heaven.

Sunday meant church and then selling girl scout cookies. And that's it. Nothing else!! I could hardly believe it. I came home from selling cookies and made the following simple and tasty cookies. I had read this recipe on many blogs, but it wasn't until I read it from The 36th Avenue that I opted to try it again {I had originally tried it with yellow cake mix = not so tasty!}

In any case, the recipe is super easy and they are tasty - especially with the chocolate chips and brown know, the LOVE! 

Mine took 12 minutes to cook at 350 degrees! YUM!

Now I'm getting ready for SANDWICH SUNDAY! My kids always look forward to it. Tonight it's a simple ciabatta bread with tomato sauce, turkey sausage & mozzarella cheese, coupled with a big green salad!

What a great weekend - and why? Because we had nothing going on. Wow, how I cherish those!! :)
I hope you all have had a great one, too!

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