Sunday, November 6, 2011

The long-awaited room makeover :)

First, we started off refurbishing an antique desk I got for $35!!! SCORE! We took it from a neutral white to a VERY bright teal. The girls helped, and we had a great time. I think they really enjoy this kindof stuff. 

Which I love. 

Here are the before pics of the room. I'm almost embarrassed to post these. But check 'em out!


Ok, to to say that the girls' room was a disaster is quite the understatement. Too much stuff, too little space and the desire to have a more "grown up" room was their request.

So, they saved some money and we went to work. They chose the color (I'm a KU fan to the core, so it took some convincing to choose the color of the in-state rival - PURPLE. But - their room, their choice).

Purple paint - Home Depot - $100
**We bought Behr Paint and Primer in One - One coat covered the green - AMAZING. While this is great, it also means I have an entire gallon of purple paint that hasn't been opened, so if you need some paint, let me know!**
Zebra chair - Walmart - $30
Wipe board - Garage sale - $2
Ribbon for board - Hobby Lobby - $6
Paris print - Hobby Lobby - $13
Vase & flowers - Hobby Lobby - $8

To say I love how it turned out would not do my feelings justice. The teal, coupled with the purple and zebra prints (another of the girls' choices), looks awesome. A touch of color in the way of flowers or pillows complements the room well.

And I was a little skeptical when I began. But I love the way it looks. 

I really like how the beds turned out. They look great and I think the black and white adds just enough POW!

Comforter sets - Walmart $60 each

They also have a bathroom and that, too, was in need of a makeover. Chris and I contemplated pulling the linoleum and sink...but the OTHER bathroom upstairs needs our attention first, so we opted to stick with accessories and paint to update this bathroom.

I think it turned out great. 
Wastebasket - Zulily - $12
Shelf - repainted $0
Polka dot box - Hobby Lobby - $6
Glass cotton ball and Q-tip holders - Dollar Store - $1 each

Light fixture - Home Depot $19
Mirror - Already had - $0
Decals - Hobby Lobby - $8

And here they all are...all smiley. Abby, Keely, Connor, Libby and yes, Lizzy. 
The girls really love it. This makes it all worth it. 
I had such fun. It was our own "REVEAL" moment. 

So...what to do next? 

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