Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Yes, I do believe it is impossible to get all 4 to cooperate...but this is pretty close. Aug. 2011}

Seems it's been awhile since I posted anything about the kiddos, really. Yes, I've gotten a wee bit crazy with the projects as of late, so I thought I'd "get back to my roots," so to speak, and focus on what this blog was originally intended to do - share stories about our crazy, whirlwind lives!

So school is off to a great start. Abby loves junior high and is doing really well. Her first dance is tomorrow night...she has come home to tell me she has been "asked out" {WHAT? You're aren't asked OUT!!}

Thankfully, she declined. Apparently, she wasn't interested because, according to her, if she HAD been, she would have said "yes." {We have since cleared this very LARGE misconception up and she now realizes she will not "date" until...well...not for a very, very long time!}

Still, she is enjoying volleyball, choir, scouts and basketball soon and she is getting a little bit of added freedom. We have let her walk home from school with her friends {It took them over an hour...should have taken 20 minutes} and she now has an email account. Apparently, this is a big deal. 

Keely is thoroughly enjoying 4th grade. She loves school, being with friends, volleyball, Alleluia singers and scouts. She, too, will be starting basketball soon. She is very busy between play dates and sleepovers, campouts and games. 

Connor, too, is enjoying school. Tomorrow, he has his monthly project where I will attend and play with him during the last hour of his day. He has been talking about it for weeks! :) He has asked to begin playing soccer because, in his words, "I'm just really good, mom." So we will see what we can do. He too is enjoying a little more freedom because one of his classmates lives down the street. So he and Jude take turns playing at each other's houses and if Connor isn't home, there's a good chance he's down the street. :)

Libby is super fun to have at home. She loves going to the gym with me in the mornings, playing in FitKids class and almost obsessing over one of the teachers there. Seriously, God help me if this teacher leaves. Libby asks about her ALL.THE.TIME.

She's a chatty little thing, which I love. Still working on the potty training, but admittedly, not very hard. No rush. She's already in a big girl bed, so it feels she is growing too fast anyway. What's a few more months in diapers, right? :)

She tells me she is not a baby, not a big girl, but rather, she is my "favorite big girl baby." Yes, yes, she is. 

And Chris and I play tag team parenting lately. He's home. I'm not. I'm home. He's not. We are crazy, busy parents to 4 kids, but all is good. 

:) SO there's an update. Now I won't worry if I go back to posting project after project for awhile. I'm sure I'll have a story after the DANCE tomorrow night. I mean, WOW, I remember my junior high dances. And Justin. WOW, did I like Justin. But you know how junior high dances go. :) HA! Maybe I'll be a surprise chaperone. Wouldn't she love that?

Till later...

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maura said...

great picture! i grabbed it from the blog and am going to print this one out -- too cute!! :) sounds like everyone is doing well & is off to a great start this school year. dang, it feels like Christmas will be here before you know it! talk to you soon. :) xo

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