Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reflections on our lives...

So I’m sitting here, trying to get some work done
when teeny hands beckon me to play hide and seek.
Sure, will do.
But wait, hold on, Lou, your brother is stuck in the swing.
Must carefully remove him without ripping the very important superhero cape.

I’m coming, Libby, let’s play. No, no hiding there.
Who’s it? Me?

Time for homework. Not one but two have some tonight.
Forget Kean or Lucinda Williams tonight; we’ve got the violin as background
noise – er – music.

So much homework. Time for dinner.
Where is the baby? Yeah, I’m laid back, but no, she can’t be in the front yard
all alone.

Phone ringing. Hello, dear husband. Or roomie. Have I seen you today?
Who has carpool? Can you take the kids to the dentist? Let’s divide and conquer.
You take Abby’s conferences. I’ll take Keely’s.

Date night? What is that? Time simply ALONE with you is a hot commodity and one
that is hard to come by.

But wait, the kids are asleep...how about a nice glass of wine and a game of scrabble?
How was your day? Shall we plan a trip away?
I know, I know, who am I kidding?

How about a few hours away? Have you gotten me that glass of wine yet?
Oh wait, I have fallen asleep on the couch.


But at least you are beside me. Bedtime.
Who’s crying? I’ll get her. See you in a bit.

Sleeping with a 2 year old, no matter how little she is and how little space she takes up, is not the most comfortable way to sleep.

I wish I was sleeping downstairs.

Ahh, back to bed. Saturday morning cuddling, perhaps? Leisurely & lazily reading the paper and doing the crossword puzzle?

What does that mean – leisurely and lazily? We have at least two kids who remind us every morning – TIME TO GET UP! 
What’s for breakfast, mommy and daddy?

Can I go outside? Can we play? Can we play hide and seek?

And so the day begins again.
My roomie (dear husband who I adore).

1 comment:

TLCinKs said...

Every time you share, it reminds me how life must have been for my parents. It also reminds me how much I admire what parents do on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing.

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