Saturday, October 29, 2011

My day started BRIGHT and early for the WOW Run. I was at the club at 6am, and volunteers were there waiting for me!!! How I scored with the BEST in volunteers is beyond me. But I did. 

We had a great race, with 270 participants, and then after some clean up, I headed into Kansas City for Keely's volleyball tournament. 

Chris and I held true to our motto as of late - DIVIDE AND CONQUER. 
He went to Abby's tournament - with Libby & Connor - and I went to Keely's.

I think I got the better end of the stick on that one. :)

Once we got home, Chris and I were pooped!!! Literally both crashing on the couch for {what seemed to be} five minutes because


Up wakes Libby, Connor scares her and she screams, the kids argue about what game they are going to play and who is going to sell more Girl Scout cookies, Libby wants a snack, Connor wants one too, the girls want a friend over and all Chris and I want to do is 


But oh yeah, you see that sign up above? 
Um yeah. The story of our lives. 

Ok ok enough b*tching. 
Once the monsters - um - kids - were fed, all was ok. 

At least Chris is home. Have I mentioned that I don't like him traveling? 

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Elisa B said...

You were a trooper to make it through such a busy week AND have Chris gone! Don't know how you did it ... hopefully you get some rest and relaxation. AAANNNNNDDDD, I might need to buy some Girl Scout cookies from the girls! Yum!

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