Sunday, October 16, 2011


Look what I'm starting today. Yes, today. No particular reason, other than I know I need to do it. Why am I sharing it? Because if I verbalize it, I do it. When I said I wanted to run 12 races in 12 months, I did it...ok, I did 10, but I volunteered at the other two and it was ONLY because of circumstance...

But I digress. 

This fall/winter/holiday season, I'm going to commit to doing ONE GOOD THING FOR ME each day. That may be eating better (if you know me, you know I fall into the classic mom pattern of not eating for maybe 8 hours and then, you know, having a handful of wheat thins and calling it lunch...can we say UNHEALTHY??) So, some days, I'm sure it will revolve around actually fueling my body. Other days, maybe I'll treat myself to a massage, or get rid of something negative in my life. I saw some great posts on my Facebook page today about other people doing these very things. 

One thing at a time. You can't change everything overnight, but maybe I'll finally make it a priority to take a group fitness class I haven't found the time to take. Maybe I'll re-connect with an old friend. Maybe I'll take my vitamins...I don't know. 

I do know that the holidays are QUICKLY approaching and I LOVE the holidays. But with them comes busy, busy schedules, quick meals, lots of errands, lots of driving here and there and little me time (or, for that matter, little me and CHRIS time...when's the last time we had a date??)

So, my personal challenge starts today. 
Today, I had a nice run by myself. I have gotten more than my fair share of water (to cleanse the body) and have also spent the afternoon with my kids outside (to cleanse my mind). So Day 1 = good day. 

I would love to see others jump on this. Each day, I'll post my CHALLENGE of the day. I look forward to reading yours.

Here's to a healthy, happy, harmonious and less-than-hectic upcoming holiday season! :)

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