Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A fun trip to the dentist...

Today, we made a trip to the dentist. Abby, Keely and Connor needed to get their cleaning check-up.
Connor was less than pleased. 
After all, he had to miss recess and PE as a result. 
And he just got new "fast" running shoes. 
And he couldn't use them. 
He was mad. 
Bad mom = strike 1.

Ahh well. I entered the dentist office, thinking surely we won't be here that long. 
I mean, I see more than one hygienist. 

No such luck. 
Trying to entertain a 5 year old and a 2 year old is a little difficult when your 9 year old insists on sitting in the chairs that clearly are for younger children. 

Well, yes, her brother hit her for sitting there. 
Isn't that what any normal 5 year old boy would do? 

Once that was resolved, apparently it was time to play hide and seek. 
Um. No hide and seek at the dentist office. 
Bad mom = strike 2.

So we opted for hide the duck. One person hides it - in the waiting area - others try to find it. 
It was working well. 
Until Libby crashed into the window.
Then the fun was over. 
That's when I told Connor and Libby they had to SIT on the couch...not BOUNCE on the couch, not hide BEHIND the couch, just SIT on the couch. 
Bad mom = strike 3 and I'm out!

So we nicely placed the legos on the floor. 
WTH?? No we didn't - we THREW the legos all over the floor in the waiting room.
Legos dumped onto a concrete floor = NOT quiet. 

Coloring pages all over the floor, legos being kicked from one end of the room to the other. 
The dentist waiting room quickly began to resemble a war zone. 

You know, much like our home. 

I often wonder what people think when they see me rub my temples, console Libby, reprimand Connor, listen to {another} endless story from Keely and do my best to convince Abby that she is, once again, NOT "going out" with any boy anytime soon AT THE SAME TIME. 

Next time I go, I'm packing a mommy drink and sipping it the whole time. 
And I'm not talking about any Americano. 

The good news? No cavities!! 
Every cloud has a silver lining, right?
I can't wait until April when we do it ALL. AGAIN!


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Leeser said...

I entertain and try to keep them quiet, but if they make us wait too long, I figure the more annoying the kids get...the faster they will get us out of there. Dentists and doctors...grrr!

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