Friday, September 2, 2011

Who says you can't be the best?

Dear faithful blog readers: 
I promise not to get all sappy and write some sentimental note to my daughters about what a wonderful time I had with them last night. 
I promise not to drone on and on about how I teared up when Selena Gomez came on stage and videos of her as a toddler and little girl appeared on the screen behind her. 
I promise not to share with you how, in two hours time, I reflected on how old my girls are getting, or how it seemed like just yesterday that I was bringing each one of them home from the hospital and caring for their itty-bitty selves. 
I promise that I won't bore you with details on how incredibly awesome it felt to share their first concert with them, knowing it is something they will remember always. 
And I promise not to dig too deep in telling you that I loved the message that this young artist had to pass on to young girls everywhere:

"I wouldn't wanna be anybody else...I’m no beauty queen...I’m just beautiful me...
Who says you’re not star potential? Who says you’re not presidential?
Who says you can’t be in movies?  Listen to me, listen to me.
Who says you don’t pass the test? Who says you can’t be the best?"

No, I won't tell you all of that, because if you know me, you know all that sappy-mommy stuff about me anyway. 

I will tell you that they had a ball. They danced, sang, jumped around, enjoyed the whole concert atmosphere and got themselves a cool souvenir t-shirt that will not last as long as I hope the memory of a great night does.

I'm so glad I took them. 


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