Monday, September 12, 2011

HELLLOO, Monday!!!

So, today began in one of the worst ways imaginable (well, at least if you are a fitness instructor who teaches a VERY dedicated group of women for a 530am class).

The phone rang.
"Tracey, are you coming in to teach this morning?"
Look at clock...clock isnt on...

Class starts in FIVE minutes. Our electricity is out!!

Imagine, if you will, my dear husband following me around with a candle so I can:
a. find my shoes
b. find my shorts
c. find my shirt
d. find my socks
e. AVOID breaking my toe again (that one's for you, Teresa!) :)

Driving like a you-know-what out of you-know-where, I arrive at 540am.
Mic isnt working. 
Try another one. Deep breath. 
In my happiest voice possible given the circumstances, I smile big and say to my lovely & dedicated Pumpers "HAPPY MONDAY!!!"

These ladies are great. Great. Did I say great? They laughed and clapped! I felt horrible, but they made me feel a lot better. They are so great. Love em! Love teaching them. And I love that they forgive me! 

14 years teaching at Body Boutique. 7 years of getting up early at least a few days a week. 
2nd time I have been late. 
The first time it resulted in a broken toe. ;)

Ahhhh, Mondays!

So, I have to add that little Libby Lou, who will be 2 THIS SUNDAY ("OMG!!!!!, as Abby would say)
had a little pig tail in her hair today. For the first time. It's barely there, but I'm gonna capture it so help me God!

Do you see it? That little tiny thing on the top of her head? Yeah, that made Monday morning a little sweeter. 

The rest of the week has GOT to be better than this! :)


TLCinKs said...

Dearest Tracey
Oh my! Blogging and Facebook make brings to life our early morning scenario.

I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog. You know I was once in that group of 5:00 am workout ladies. Oh how I miss that workout time of the day.

I know they were cheering you on while doing a bit more stretching or chatting with each other about their weekend.

Just know a that as much as you love Libby's ponytail, that's how much the morning workout ladies love you!

You're the best!
P.S. Glad this experience was minus the broken toe.

Leeser said...

I didn't know there WAS a 5:30 AM!?! I love the pony tail and can totally relate. So jealous of those kids with a full mop of long hair to do stuff with! Lindsey's is just like Lauren's was...thin and sparse. Have a better Tuesday =)

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