Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can anyone relate? I'm sure the answer to that question is YES!!

Our morning routine, as of late, has gone a little like this:
"Abby, are you ready to go?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"Bed made, teeth brushed, lunch packed?" (because I don't pack her lunch or Keely's anymore...)
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"So you are all ready to go when it's time?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)

"Keely, have you finished your breakfast?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"Can you please go upstairs and get yourself ready then?
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"Can you do it now, so that you are ready when carpool arrives?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)

"Connor, did you make your bed?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"Can you please go get your shoes and socks on then?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)
"Can you please make sure your backpack is ready to go?"
"Uh huh." (staring at TV)

Carpool arrives...
"MOM, I can't find my homework! I can't get my socks on - they FEEEEEL funny! I have to get my PE stuff! Where is my book? Where is the toothpaste? Abby's being LAZY! Connor won't MOVE! Connor won't get in the car! I don't have my violin! Where are my knee pads?"

Holy mother of God I thought Chris and I were both going to blow our brains out this morning! These kids get over an hour to eat and get themselves ready for school.

How hard can it be?

So tomorrow, we enforce the NO-TV rule. That will go over like a lead balloon.
But just ask me or Chris if we care. Just ask us.


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