Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The binky!!! Where's the binky???"

That seems to be the question of the day - all day - every day - recently. 
This is NOT a good thing. 
Not only is Libby dependent upon the little plastic and rubber mouthpiece, it seems her dad and mom are as well. 

So much so, that when nap time/car time/bed time creep near and we can't find it, we are practically in a full-fledged panic mode, snapping at the other kids to STOP what they are doing THAT INSTANT and help us find it. 

How can we lose 4 of them? I swear, I keep my house clean. 

We get on our hands and knees, pull up sheets, lift couches, go through hampers, toilets, drawers, trash or anywhere else we suspect a 2-year-old may opt to place them. 

We find them in the most awkward places, too, so all of you who are wondering WHY we would look in the toilet, for instance, apparently either do not have kids or were SMART enough to NEVER go down the dangerous road of binky-ness ever.

I wish I had been that smart. 

But alas, here she is, 2 years old and still {very much} attached to it. 

Thank God I found one before nap. Nap time would have been non-existent without it. 

Where, do you ask, did I find it? 
In Abby & Keely's shower. Because, you know, Libby hangs out in there with the American girls. 

Doesn't every toddler do that?

"We must get rid of the binky. We must get rid of the binky."

I'll keep saying it, just as I'll keep saying "We must get her potty trained. We must get her potty trained."

However, I'm not so worried about the potty training. After all, she will still nap with a diaper on...the same can't be said of the BINKY!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My daughter was the same way....loved her binky...then I had a friend tell me to have her give it to the fairies for the other new babies...since little girls love babies...she will very willing to give it away...she went into her older sisters room put the binky in a fairies lap and that was the end of it....no more binkies...it was hard the first few days but she never looked back...PS hide that binky just in case :)...or you can try to cut the end off...they don't suck the same...she might get mad and give up...

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