Friday, August 12, 2011

So I mentioned earlier that I love TJ Maxx. Seriously. I do. I go there sometimes just to get away from the CHAOS of home, and usually, if not always, come out of there with a home accessory that suits me to a tee. :) Here are a few of my recent finds. 

Oh yeah, and a complete sidenote. I think subconsciously I want to work as a professional DIYer. Then other times I want to work as a professional fitness blogger. Still other times I want to blog about my kids. Yes, I'm all over the place. But that's ok...right? 

Ok this lovely star was a whopping $7.00. Looks awesome on the mantel, but for now, it sits on our kitchen hutch because I don't want to put it away and our mantel is full with other finds. 

Now I haven't ever had an itch to decorate with BIRDS, but these seemed to call to me. Clearance $2.00 each. Yes, please. They are also on the hutch, perched at the top. 

These mason jars, above and below, were an instant YES! Reduced from about $40 each (whatev) to a mere $7 and $9, I was hooked. They reside on the shelf nestled above our pantry in our kitchen.

And below, the mantel finds. The Blessings block - $1.99, thank you very much. The ceramic pots, $6/each (there is one on each end of the mantel.) Oh yeah, and the fake grass inside? A $5.00 find from Target. LOVE. 

My last one? I can't remember if this framed piece was Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx, but I DO remember its price...$12.00 please. Oh yes, I'll find a spot for you, too. 

I'm sure there are more, but these are some I really love. Funny how such little things can make a house a home. Makes me happy. Got a TJ Maxx by you? Check IT out!!!


Elisa B said...

I need to remember to shop there more often! I keep looking around my house and feeling like I have had the SAME THINGS up for a long time. Not so great at thinking up ideas to decorate, so maybe I need to head there for some inspiration! Or, maybe I just need you to come over and give me ideas! = )

Tracey English said...

Elisa - They have some great items and they are so affordable, which I love! :) Im happy to shop with you any time!

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