Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random sayings from my kids...first on deck...God doesn't have blood.

Some of the most random sayings come from my kids...
I think it's about time I capture them...
After all, I don't remember anything, so writing them down (somewhat) assures they won't be forgotten. 
And Lord knows I don't keep baby books...so I'll keep adding to this one post as new sayings are brought forth.

August 9, 2011: CONNOR:
"You know, mom, every person has blood."
"I know, Connor."
"And you know, mom, people can't live without lots of blood in them and their bodies."
"Yup. I know, Connor."
"You don't know everything, mom."
"Yes, Connor?"
"God doesn't have blood."
"Um, well, I suppose you are right, Connor. "
"God can live without blood. He's in my blood though. And my feet. And my belly. And in my breath. He is all over."
"You are right, Connor. He is."


Ok, same day, here's another:
August 9, 2011: CONNOR:
Setting the stage. In the car. 4 kids. All talking. No, let me rephrase. All screaming or yelling. Connor, annoyed with his sisters and his mother opts to begin screaming louder LOUDER LOUDER!
"Stop it, Connor. We are NOT going to begin the screaming battle!"
{No, he doesn't stop. In fact, I think he takes my statement as a challenge of sorts, and continues to yell. LOUDER!}
"Connor, cut it out! Stop the screaming - we are NOT going down that road right now!!!"
{Confused, he looks at me and then looks all around us, quiet...}
"What road, mom? That one we just passed?"


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