Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lunch? What's lunch?

For the last week or so, Chris and I have not been eating well...or much at all. Seems the dinner hour has been a wee bit hectic for whatever reason and as a result, the kids eat (something) but we don't eat till after our {class at the gym, work meeting, kids' activity...fill in the blank} and many times, that isn't the best thing to do. 

Especially if, instead of eating a balanced meal, you eat, say, a bowl of cereal {me}, a bag of lite popcorn {Chris}, cheese slices {me}, or something else at 9pm. 

Not good. For moods. For health. For anything. 

So, in trying to eat better {and strangely enough, more} I've joined my friend Natalie on a quest to eat a better meal, drink more water, and essentially, FUEL my body. 

Seems it should be easy, but {enter your own reason here}, I'm a mom who eats when I have time, if I have time, and instead drinks more Iced Americanos than I care to admit. But hey, at least its just espresso and water instead of SUGAR, right? 

Not so much. I can't live on Americanos. I'm still trying to deal with this. 

SOOOOO - today, I created a meal that I may see on Natalie's tremendous, inspiring blog. Whole wheat Wasa bread (2 slices = 5 grams of fiber), tuna (2oz serving = 13 grams of protein), a slice of Swiss cheese (because I love em) and a Roma tomato (because I love those too!)

Of course, her photography skills are much better. But I thought of her when I prepared my meal, so I thought I'd try to capture an image. 

Now, I'm off to complete some work from this morning. Water in hand. Americano nowhere to be found {at least until I take Connor to a birthday party later. Then I'll pick one up at the drive-thru!}

Hey...baby steps...

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Great combo...yum!!! Maybe this way we'll both be in better moods ;)

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