Friday, August 12, 2011

Instant (and almost free) transformation

Ever since having Libby, I've pondered the question - "What should I do with the bathroom that she and Connor share?" We can't go PINK. We can't go BLUE. And let's face it, we had JUST completed painting this bathroom when we found out we were pregnant with her.

She was such a surprise in so many ways. :)

Anyhow, I haven't come to a decision on that question. The list of things I'd like to change or update in my home is as long as it is wide, but more important things come in to play and, well, so long as the toilet works and the shower provides some warm water for bathtime, we are good. 

But that SHOWER curtain. That heinous shower curtain had to go. So it did. 

Hmm. Now what the heck am I going to do? We can't go without one. Can we? :)

No, we can't. But I also don't want to spend lotsa $$ right now on the shower. Between tuition, new school fees, lunch fees, school uniforms and new clothes, not to mention the instrument rental for Abby, we don't need to be refurbishing our bathrooms. 

So. Instead I searched the house. And I think my {temporary} solution isn't so bad. 

1. $7.99 linen shower curtain from TJ Maxx {love love love this place. love it love it love it.}
2. Curtains I had in the old kitchen that I made {not gorgeous, but not a bad first stab at using the sewing machine}. 
3. A curtain rod hiding in Libby's closet. 
4. $1.99 rope ties from Wal-Mart (whoop!)

WAH-LAH! Here we go: Note - I know the shower curtain needs to be ironed...I'll get to it...I promise...

Not too bad, eh? I mean, for the time being. One day, when that money tree grows back, I'll invest in more...a new flooring...and on and on and on...

But for now. I'm thinking pretty cool. :) 
Still itching to paint. I think Libby's room will be next. I'm thinking stripes. Before and afters to come soon!!

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