Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Abby,
If you were to read this now, you would probably be completely embarrassed that I shared this and said all these crazy things, but I'm your mom and therefore, it's my God-given right to 1. embarrass you and 2. get as emotional as I want when I witness, right before my eyes, you growing up so very fast. 

Some day, this won't embarrass you. Some day, when you go back and read the stories I have captured, you will smile, perhaps cry, but I do believe, be very thankful. At least I hope so. 

This year, I wish you nothing but happiness. As you embark on this exciitng chapter in life, I hope you remember some things:
Your true friends will love you no matter what you decide to do (or not to do).
You may be placed in bad, frightening situations, and it will be your heart, your good soul, that will have to shine through to make the decision that is best for you. 
Some of your friends will hurt you. You will have to learn to forgive. You will have to learn to move on and develop the ability to look past yourself to see the person outside of your "circle" who may prove to be your best friend ever. 
You will probably get more annoyed with me than you ever have in the past. After all, I don't know anything. I don't understand anything. I won't make things easier. And I will not allow you to do "whatever your friends are doing" and that will make you mad.

All I have to say to the last one is too bad. I'm your mom and I can do what I want. 

But I do know something. And I do understand a lot. I do remember 6th grade. I do remember being friends with those girls, those girls who were so cool and then who promptly cornered me after class and proceeded to tell me how they didn't really like me. It was then that I understood - about being friends with EVERYONE, about not disregarding that person outside of my circle, about opening my heart to those I don't know, about striving to be the best person I could be, about doing my best to value more than the clothes people wore, or the purse they owned, or the car their parents drove. 

I drove away from your school today with a lump in my throat. Typing this, it is returning. But that's part of being a mom - remembering February 13, 2000 like it was yesterday and wondering how the time has gone by so fast. 

You are a strong, beautiful, intelligent, loving and kind young woman. I will be here for you always and forever. Have fun. Smile often. Remember your family is always your #1 fan base and go get em! :)



maura said...

holy cow. now I have a lump in my throat! sheesh. Abby, you are growing up TOO DANG FAST!

what a heartfelt post, Tracey and so wonderfully written. i have no doubt that Abby will be grateful for this someday. perhaps sooner than you - or I - are ready for.

hang in there :) xo

Laurel said...

so sweet! what a lovely young lady! tracey, obviously you've done a million things well to have four incredible kids. what a family!

ShannonR said...

You a wonderful mother, person, writer. Thank you for sharing yourself!!! <3

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