Sunday, August 14, 2011

12, 13 miles or so...

(Or at least that's what I told the girls as we turned the final street to go home).

Actually, I think we biked closer to 16 or 17. I was thrilled. The girls were too. At first.

It is so absolutely beautiful out today, I couldn't stay in the house. So we got our bikes pumped up, helmets on and we were off. 

So I took them on the same route I did for my half marathon a few years back. And then some. 
Abby, who surprised me a little bit, rode the entire way up a killer hill that I remember well as Mile 10 or 11 during the half. It is a killer when you are tired. 

It's a killer when you aren't tired.

And as we were enjoying the downhill BEFORE the uphill, I heard Abby exclaim, as she saw the hill that was to come: "O.M.G!!!!!!!!" and I had to laugh.

"O.M.G. is right, girls, but I remember warning you two about it before we got there."

But she did it. All the way up that killer hill. I was one proud mama! :)

Now, 1.5 hours later, they are beat. And I am happy as a clam. A great, fun workout with my girls. 

Hey, Keely DID ask me JUST this morning when they were going to get to workout with me. I think she meant at the gym. But sometimes, the outdoors proves to be the best gym ever!

And look, still smiling after all is said and done!

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