Sunday, July 31, 2011

You're probably a mom if you...

1. have ever placed your bare hand under a child's mouth to catch something, not knowing what it was, and not flinched at all. 
2. neglected to pack a tissue, a paper towel, or hell, a piece of paper in your bag and therefore have wiped disgustingly nasty looking slime from a child's nose. 
3. have ever uttered something like, "stop sitting on your sister's head and poking her in the nose with a Q-tip!!" and thought it sounded like perfectly normal conversation.
4. have ever manually changed all of the clocks in your home to reflect hour...or more...early. 
5. have given up a meal for a child's friend, and instead, picked at the not-so-pleasant leftovers left on one of the plates at the table. (Ew.)
5. have sworn to high heaven that you were heading to bed at a decent hour, but realized that after the laundry was away, the kitchen floor was swept, the recycling had been taken out, the TV room is free of toys, the email was checked and the lunches were made that the "decent hour" you had envisioned passed about two hours ago. 
6. have ever woken up at 7am, fully refreshed, thankful for a morning of being able to sleep in!
7. have ever thought that the timespan between dinner time and bedtime is sometimes the LONGEST stretch of time EVER!
8. have ever enlisted a 9- or 11-year old's help when getting ready for a date night with dad.
9. have responded to the never-ending "MOM!! MOM!! MOM!!" with a VERY emphatic, "SHE IS NOT HERE!!"
10. have sought silence and solitude in the smallest room in the home - the bathroom - for just a moment...just a moment...

Yeah, you're probably a mom then!!! :) 

1 comment:

Elisa B said...

I was actually just thinking about that this morning ... as I was saying something that I can't even remember, but thought at the time that NO ONE but a Mom would think it perfectly normal ... = ) Love it!

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