Monday, July 25, 2011

My endearing, sweet-talking, money-swindling child...

Some things are essential to share.
For instance, telling your 11-year-old daughter that she can have her own bedroom once she earns $25,000 to pay for the remodel may NOT be in your, or your daughter's, best interest. 

We learned that the hard way last night. 
Abby has, as of late, asked me for her own room quite a few times. Finally, I told her, make the $$ and I'll make the room. 

Apparently, she estimated she had to make about $70/week to make this happen. The original thought was $90/week, but that seemed too lofty...

(To which I think, and $70/week didn't??)

I mean, I love her, but she can barely make her bed in the morning. How the H-"L"- double hockey sticks did she think she'd make that much $$? (That was for you, Sammy!)

Apparently, she hadn't thought that out. She also had neglected to do the math to see how LONG it would take her to earn all of this money, even if she DID earn $70/week.

But that's ok. I'm all for striving for a goal. But not when it means cheating your sister or friend out of their hard-earned cash. 

Yes, Abby, being the sweet talker that she is, somehow convinced Keely and the NSG neighbor girl that although they, too, had been selling lemonade in the 100-degree heat, that SHE alone should reap the profits...

You know, to pay for her room...

But don't worry, readers - Abby assured them that once they all made $25,000, Abby would keep going and earn $15,000 more so they could split that three ways. 


Ok, so I'll spare the laborious details of our conversation. Suffice it to say, I do believe that our girls now realize that a more attainable goal may be to raise about $100 or so, and then I will take them to pick out some paint, perhaps a shelf or other divider to help them have their own "space" without investing in the unfinished part of our basement. 

Lesson learned - wow, she still listens to me, and really believed it was an attainable goal to fund her own bedroom suite. 

It's rather endearing, really. Until you factor in the swindling and the slave labor that was also involved. 

But hey, she may make a great politician some day. God help us all!

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