Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Libby is only 1 and already playing tricks on me

This weekend we went camping - tent camping - with all of the kids. We had a great time. They were troopers, we enjoyed spending time with friends and relaxed over the 4th holiday. 

Funny thing, though. Libby would only sleep on me during the day. She was hell-bent and determined NOT to nap in the tent during the day. Which is really unfortunate, because I was all for it. 

No way. She was a bouncing fool "bounce, naptime, mommy. no nap time. bounce."

(Sidenote - this weekend also confirmed that I have no desire to let Libby experience a toddler bed at this time. No, she is confined and stuck in a crib until she masters the art of getting out of it!)

So, she wouldn't nap. And I tried. And I tried. And I tried. 

Then I decided to take the older kids to the beach. But not Libby. She was not happy.

As I was walking away and she was pitching a fit, Chris picked her up, gave her the binky, put her in the tent, and told her to go to sleep. 

She slept for two hours. What the??

Fast forward two days. Dinner time. I'm serving herb crusted chicken and mushroom risotto. Yum. Libby gets a bit of that, as well as some applesauce and yogurt. Two of her faves. 

Time to eat, Libby.

"No, mama. No eat. No, no eat. Icky. No eat, mama."

And I tried. And I tried. And yes, I tried. 

Then I asked Abby to try. 

She ate all of her dinner. What the??

All right, ladies and gentlemen, she isn't even 2 and she is pushing her limits.
It's a good thing she is cute. Damn good thing! ;)

1 comment:

Carrie said...

She is pretty darn cute...especially when she says, "Hi Mommy!!" I love that!!!

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