Friday, July 22, 2011

"I did it, mommy!!!"

Sometimes, I'm lazy. 
Take, for instance, when it comes to potty training. 
Libby shows signs that she is ready. 
Like telling me, "potty, potty" as she is, well, going potty.

At these moments, I should scoop her up, tell her, "hold on, hold on" and place her promptly on one of the two itty bitty potty chairs that are nestled next to the toilets in our home. 

But do I do that? Ummmm. Not so much. 

My typical response is, "That's ok, Libby. Go ahead."

How lazy is that? I mean, I know potty training is essential and something she will, in time, come to master. But she isn't even 2, and, many times when I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty (because, yes, I DO ask her), she will tell me, very emphatically, "NO!"

Who am I to argue? Diapers, although costly and many times icky, are very convenient. Who's ready to go on a trip with a toddler, who says every 5 minutes, "POTTY POTTY MOMMY!" 

Not this mom. No thanks. 

Still, Libby wakes from sleep dry now, and we do offer to take her to the potty. Today, she wanted to go. So, I took her. Plopped her on the potty. And waited. 
And waited.
And waited. 
And waited. 

10 minutes pass. I turn the sink on, thinking that may prompt her to go. Nope.

She is rather compulsive about washing her hands, so I tell her, "Just go potty and I'll let you wash your hands." So I waited. 
And waited. 
And waited. 
And waited. 

5 or so more minutes pass. "Are you done?" "Yeah." "Do you want to get off?" "No. Wash hands." "Ok then, you have to go pee in the potty." "O-tay." "Are you going?" "No. Baby go." (Her dolls acted like they were going potty. She LOVES those babies!) "Mommy potty?" "Not now, you go Libby." "O-tay." 

And waited. 
And waited. 
And waited. 

Catch my drift? I mean, who has time for this nonsense? Libby, apparently. She was in no hurry whatsoever.

And yes, I waited some more. I think we were at the 20 minute mark, by which time her little legs HAD to have fallen asleep, when she finally went. 

And then I think I freaked her out because as soon as it began, I screamed with glee - "YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT!!!" :)

"I did it, momma! Potty!"

And there went a half hour. But she went, happily washed her hands, and proceeded to brag to her sisters.

Yeah, I think she deserves some credit. But I can't honestly say when I'll opt to sit there again. After all, even if her little legs didn't fall asleep, that tile floor is VERY uncomfortable. 

Yes, sometimes I can be very lazy. :) She isn't 2, yet. I figure I have some time before I have to really get on my game...right? 

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