Sunday, July 31, 2011

Have you had your fruits & vegees today? We have!

It is too stinking hot to do anything. I know, I know, in Kansas we complain about the heat and I know plenty-o-people further south...Waco, Houston, anyone...who laugh as we complain about this heat. 

I feel for you people. There's a reason I will never. ever. move back to Texas. Did I say never? 

I just don't care for it. No. That's not it. When it's 106 degrees, I flat out hate it. 

Add to it that my girls had friends over and they all wanted to go to the pool. Libby? She pooped out and napped. Connor? Well, I think he may be smarter than Abby, Keely, Gracie, Amelia and I combined. 

"It's too hot to go to the pool, mom. I'm staying home."

SOOO. Too hot to do anything, especially cook. No thank you to the grill, to the oven, to anything that is hot and requires too much work to prepare. So I opted to go the summer-picnic route. And, if I do say so, it was a success. :) 

On the menu:

1. Choice of sandwiches on fresh rolls from the bakery - we had the BLT option, deli ham, fresh cheese, or roast beef. 
Yum. I opted for a BLT - can't tell you the last time I had one of those. 

2. Pasta salad with a light vinaigrette. And get this - the KIDS had some and DIDN'T complain. 
3. Fresh watermelon slices
4. Fresh strawberries
5. Sugar-free chocolate cake with a light icing & strawberries

It was a splendid summer feast. I am happily satisfied and the kids are as well. 
I just may make every Sunday night SANDWICH night. 
What a super easy way to make a hit! :)

What did you have for dinner tonight? Was it tasty and if so, care to share the recipe?

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