Sunday, June 12, 2011

A working trip, I promise...

Ok, so it was supposed to be a work trip...five days in Denver for the National Fitness Business Alliance Conference and Kettlebell certification. 

And we did work. I promise. We did learn a ton, we became Level I Kettlebell certified instructors (kick a$$, but my oh my, do we have some battle scars...I'd post them but I promised not to!) and we are looking forward to bringing some of this knowledge back to the club!

But the trip also included a lot of down time - time to read, sleep, rest, hang out by the pool, eat WONDERFUL food, shop and leisurely enjoy the company of some great women! Lots of laughs, lots of fun and lots of memories! :)

It was a much-needed break away. And just in time - Chris leaves for a week with his dad on Tuesday for a well-deserved, much-needed week away too! :) So we both win!

A great trip. Of course, the best part was coming home. And seeing Libby's face as I woke her up from her nap. Bliss. :) 

I should go on business trips more often. 


Elisa B said...

So happy for you! What a perfect time away, and glad that you guys had a such a great time ... bring your kids to the library time and pool on Friday! We're going!

Natalie said...

Agreed. Best work trip ever :) Thanks for making it so much fun.

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